mother Nature

Our green side

Small chickens : We raise "cock" chicks we feed our peelings and leftovers to minimize waste! Thanks to their generosity, we are never short of eggs to satisfy a sudden desire to cook ... Good cakes or other delicacies.

Immersion in nature : In harmony with nature, our tents are arranged on a wooded island of birches, poplars, some pines and firs in a small wood spirit, surrounded by the brook, Saint Christopher. This stream was a moat once. When there was a castle on this island.

Phytoépuration : We have set up a sanitation system, made by Aquatiris, compliant with the standards and approved by the CDA of LA ROCHELLE. This allows the collection and treatment of wastewater in a totally natural way:filters planted with carefully selected plant species that absorb pollutants (nitrates, phosphates, etc.) and treat wastewater.
Phyto-purification is an eco-citizen approach that reduces pollution of surface water, groundwater and pollution caused by the transport of materials. In addition, it requires very little energy compared to other systems.

Composters are available on the island to limit garbage in conventional trash and "vitaminer" our kitchen garden!

The lodges are equipped with economic bulbs . We avoid the waste of water ... And invite you to leaf through The Small Green Booklet Nicolas Hulot to respect the best daily!

Let's try to protect our greatest wealth, Mother Nature!