Family spirit

Is it about " The 40's crisis " as our kids like to say?
Still, we decided to no longer dream our life but to live our dreams
So that in September 2012, we invested in a large "Château" master house,
a Family House and share this property via the rental of atypical lodgings
Testifying of a timeless journey


You will certainly meet Mathilde, Gabrielle or Cyriac , our children
Mamie Michelle, Papi Jeannot
Hyseut, Victoire , our ecological alarm systems ... But not economical!
Mister Grant, Nemesis or Hilfiger, the châtounets,
Snow White, Cinderella bis, Frida, Josephine, Lisette or Valentina, our dear chicks so generous !!!


Our green side

Chickens, composters, a phytopurification basin ...
In short, we do our best to respect our planet!