Term of sales

The parties hereby declare that this lease does not relate to leased premises used for main or mixed occupational use and main residence.
Accordingly, they agree that their respective rights and obligations shall be governed by the provisions of this contract, by the decree of December 28, 1976 as amended, and failing that by the provisions of the Civil Code.
The premises, described above, subject of the present contract, are rented furnished on a seasonal basis.
The tenant can not under any circumstances rely on any right of maintenance in the premises at the expiration of the period initially provided for in this contract.
The Lessee expressly undertakes to have fully released the dwelling at the date indicated in the contract at 10.00 am at the latest and to deliver the keys to the Lessor. (At the beginning of the rental, the Lessor will give the Lessee the keys (1 for the lodge, 1 for the entrance gate on the property and 1 remote control to activate the large electric gate), instructions for use of household appliances And audio-visual materials. The instructions for childcare equipment in paragraph 13).
The Parties have fixed a price for the entire duration of the rental described in paragraph 2, including bed and table linen and pool access.
The above rent includes, for the duration of the rental, the rental charges and available supplies recalled below: Town water, Gas bottles, Internet access
The reservation becomes effective once the tenant returns a copy of this contract accompanied by the amount of the deposit (30% of the total sum) before the date indicated on the front.
The balance of the rental is paid on the day of arrival, after the establishment of a contradictory inventory.
On arrival, a security deposit of 500 €, five hundred euros is requested by the owner. The owner has the right to cash the security deposit.
It shall be returned to the lessee after the contractor’s inventory has been checked or sent to him within 7 days, after deduction if necessary of the cost of restoring the premises and the cost of replacing the items available. This period may not exceed 60 days.
If the deposit is insufficient, the tenant undertakes to perfect the difference, on the basis of justifications given by the owner.
In the case of reservations made by post or by internet, the tenant does not benefit from the withdrawal period, in accordance with article L121-20-4 of the Consumer Code relating in particular to the provision of accommodation services provided on a date Or at a determined periodicity.
This lease agreement is concluded intuitu personae for the benefit of the sole lessee identified at the beginning of the contract.
Any assignment of this lease, any subletting or partial subletting, any making available – even free of charge – are strictly prohibited. The Lessee may not leave the place of the premises, even free of charge and / or by loan, to a person who is not a foreigner.
An inventory and an inventory of the furniture made available to the Lessee are given to the
Lessee when entering the dwelling.
If the inventory and the inventory are not drawn up and signed by the Landlord or his representative and the Lessee simultaneously (inventory and inventory contradictory), the inventory and inventory made by the Lessor Alone and delivered to the Tenant when he enters the dwelling will be contestable by the Tenant within 48 hours of entering the dwelling. In the absence of a dispute by the Lessee within this period of 48 hours, the inventory and inventory carried out by the Lessor and communicated to the Lessee on entering the premises will be deemed accepted without reservation by the Lessee.
An inventory and inventory will be prepared by the Parties at the end of the lease, each retaining a signed copy.
In the absence of an inventory at the end of the lease or if the Lessee establishes the inventory and / or inventory at the end of the lease, the absence of any objection by the Landlord within 48 hours of the end of the rental period will be returned in good condition and / or complete inventory.
– The Lessee will make peaceful use of the rented accommodation and of the furniture and equipment according to the destination given to them by the lease and will answer for any deterioration and loss which could occur during the duration of the contract in the premises of which it has exclusive use.
– The Lessee will maintain the rented accommodation and will make it in a good state of cleanliness and rental repairs at the end of the contract. If inventory items are broken or deteriorated, the Lessor may claim their replacement value.
– Avoid any noise likely to interfere with neighbors, especially those emitted by radio, computers and other devices.
– The Lessee may not exercise any right of recourse against the Lessor in the event of theft and depredations in the rented premises.
– It will respect the number of persons, maximum 6 people, who can enter the premises, according to the description that has been given to him.
– The lessee may not oppose the visit of the premises if the Lessor or his representative so request.
– In the absence of return of the accommodation in perfect state of cleanliness, the Tenant undertakes to take at his own expense the cleaning which the Lessor will be forced to realize according to the scale annexed to the present contract, ie € 50, fifty euros.
– Bed linen set includes fitted sheet, pillowcase, duvet cover for 7 days according to the number of people provided for reservation, to be returned in its entirety and not torn or damaged. A clean kit for the same number of people is provided at the end of the week, during a rental of 2 weeks and more.
– The towels set includes 1 bath towel, 1 towel, 2 washcloths and 1 bath mat to be restored in its entirety, not torn or damaged.
– The table linen includes 2 dish towels and towels according to the number of persons provided for the reservation, to be returned in its entirety, not torn or damaged.
– The tenant undertakes to respect the safety instructions of the swimming pool: supervision of the children … The tenant is the sole and sole person in charge of the incidents that could provide around this one.
– The tenant agrees to keep the terrace and the water of the swimming pool clean: ban on eating, smoking in the swimming space. No minor is allowed to cross the secure space without being accompanied by a responsible adult who undertakes to monitor him in this space and more precisely in the basin. The access code to the swimming pool must remain confidential and must under no circumstances be communicated to a minor child.
– Insurances: the tenant is responsible for all the damages arising from his fact. It is required to be insured by a type of holiday insurance contract for these various risks.
– Animals are not allowed
– The contract can be terminated if the customer fails to comply with the conditions of stay.
For your enjoyment, we provide you with equipment for your young child: high chair, changing mat and bath, requiring constant monitoring when the child is seated – an umbrella bed with an extra mattress not installed. We leave it to you to install it due to the regulations in force on this subject (see below), covered, tumblers, plastic plates … We will not be held responsible for any kind of accident that can occur The use of this material supplied by us which you will have read and chose its use.
Reference texts: Art.L221-1 of the Consumer Code: Any product must, under normal conditions of use, present the safety which can legitimately be expected and do not affect the health of persons.
Decree No. 91-1292 of 20 December 1991 and Circular of 29 July 1992: childcare articles must comply with defined safety requirements.
The AFNOR standards (French Agency for Standardization) specify the requirements at the stages of manufacture, importation and placing on the market of the article or product.
These standards appear on the various articles and are proof of their conformity.
Reminder: the current jurisprudence confers on maternal and family assistants an obligation of result in safety.
– In the context of the prevention of sudden infant death, one of the elements of prevention is to choose an AFNOR-compliant bed and to use only the mattress adapted to the bed.
– In this context, the beds with bars to the standards must be privileged, in particular for the bed of the infants accomodated regularly.
– When they have several children, for reasons of spatial organization, the nursery assistants are equipped with folding beds and umbrella beds. These beds must be used absolutely in compliance with the manufacturer’s instructions for use, and in particular without a mattress superimposed on that provided by the manufacturer.
– Any cancellation must be notified by registered mail to the owner.
– In case of cancellation before the arrival in the place: the deposit remains with the owner. The latter may request the balance of the amount of the stay, if the cancellation occurs less than 30 days before the scheduled date of entry.
– If the tenant does not show up within 24 hours of the date of arrival on the contract, this contract becomes null and the owner can dispose of his deposit. The deposit also remains with the owner who will ask for the payment of the balance of the rental.
– If the stay is shortened, the rental price remains with the owner. No reimbursement will be made.
– The tenant must arrive on the day specified and the time mentioned on the present contract. In case of late or delayed arrival, the tenant must inform the owner.
The owner returns to the tenant all the sums paid, as well as an indemnity at least equal to that which the tenant would have supported if the cancellation had occurred of its fact on this date.
In the event of a breach by the Lessee of any of the contractual obligations, this lease shall be terminated ipso jure. This termination will take effect after 48 hours after a simple summation by registered letter or hand-delivered letter remained unsuccessful.
If the claim relates to the condition of the premises or the descriptive state of the tenancy, it must be formulated, in writing, within seven days of arrival. The landlord and the tenant must favor the settlement. For other disputes, the tenant can seize, without limit of time, a representative body. For the execution of the present, the Lessor and the Lessee make an election of domicile in their respective domiciles. However, in the event of a dispute, the courts of the Lessor’s domicile will have sole jurisdiction. This contract and its consequences are subject to French law.