Shops and services nearby


At 300 meters from the lodges, in Saint-Christophe, you will find…

• Bakery-pastry: a proper breakfast “à la française”? Traditional baguette, cereal bread, viennese and pastries made by our master baker Claude Guilbaud from Aigrefeuilles d’Aunis, who provides Saint Christophe village.

• Boucherie Charcuterie d’Antan: an excellent reference.
With his professionnal experience, Stéphane knows what is the authentic taste of meat, he will present you cooked dishes and good “charcuterie”.

• Bar Restaurant « Au faitout »: artisan of the cook and supporter of the good-eating.
Chef Raphaël MICHEL is proud to prepare bistronomic dishes worthy of a famous restaurant. On the menu, seasonal vegetables and fruits, meats and fish of the quality. His wife Michelle, who always welcomes you with a large smile, is delighted to bring surprising generous and gourmet wines back from their travels.

• Grocery Press Tobacco: you forgot the butter or the salad? No worries, Stéphane and Barbara from Vival grocery store welcome you 6 out of the 7 days!

• Hairdresser: the “Nouvelle Tendance” salon is located in the heart of  Saint Christophe. Sophie offers men, women and children haircuts.

At  5 km from the lodges, in Aigrefeuille…

• Supermarket (Intermarché) and gas station are located next to the water tower

• Florists, “prêt-à-porter” boutiques…

• Doctors, nurses, osteopath, pharmacy… Hopefully that won’t be necessary!