Our ecological side


• Small hens: we raise a few hens that we feed from our peels and remaining meals to minimize waste!
Moreover, we can satisfy a sudden urge to cook cakes and other delicacies.

• Immersion in nature: in harmony with nature, our tents are set on an island wooded with birches, poplars, a few pines in a small wooden spirit surrounded by the Saint Christophe stream.

• Phyto-purification : we have set up a sanitation system, carried out by Aquatiris, in compliance with the standards and approval by the CDA of LA ROCHELLE. This makes it possible to collect and treat wastewater in a totally natural way, since filters are planted with carefully selected plant areas that absorb pollutants (nitrates, phosphates…) and treat wastewater. Phyto-purification is an eco-citizen approach that reduces pollution of surface water, groundwater and pollution caused by the transport of materials. Moreover, it requires a tiny bit of energy compared to other systems.

The phyto-purification explained in comics…

présentation phytoépuration, comment ça marche ?

Bienfaits et avantages de la phytoépuration sur l'environnement