Our story

Is it “the Quarantine Crisis” as our eldest daughter likes to say ? We decided not to dream our life anymore but to live our dreams; so in September, we invested in a large mansion, a kind of castle, a family house and decided to share the property by building lodges…

Our tribe

You will meet our children, Mathilde, Gabrielle and Cyriac, our parents, Michelle and Jean in a good-natured atmosphere…


Our kitties

You might meet Mister Grant, an adorable Persian and Ilfiger, a very cuddly Russian Blue… sneaky and nonchalant.


Our alarm system

We present our very big “Guardian dog” Hyseut, nice Cané Corso who watches the property very conscientiously and Victoire, a beautiful and affectionate Galgo Greyhound that we adopted from the association

Story of the place

On this island was one of the most important and most beautiful castles of Aunis. At the begining of the 15th century, the lordship of Saint Christophe belonged to the lords of Mareuil and Montbron. Then it was taken over by the viscount de Rochechouart before becoming, in 1476, property of family Furgon… It is in this old base still surrounded by moats, with two towers, that a new house was erected in the 19th century, with a roof of slates. The castle stood in a meadow, further west, forming a vast polygonal enclosure surrounded by moats and towers which three of the sides were occupied by main buildings.